“The How-To, Real-Answers, Explain-It-All,


God-Trusting, Bible-Believing,

Saved-By-Jesus Church.”

Okay, that’s a nice “sales pitch,” but what does any of that actually mean?  Good question.  Here’s an answer for you…

How To

We don’t just tell you to do it, we actually teach how.  Know you need to forgive?  We have a five step system for that. 

        Want to know how to do this Love thing?  We have a 24 lesson course you can check out for as much how-to as anyone would need to know.  Want more Joy?  We have a system for that, too. 

        We never leave you with a “what to do” lesson without a “how to do it” technique to go with it.

Real Answers

If you’ve actually read the Bible, you know there’s some tough stuff in there.  God is Love!  Got it.  God flooded the world and killed every living man, woman and child on the whole planet except for Noah and his family.  Hang on!  What about God being love?  Yeah, there’s an answer to that.  And once you understand it, it makes a whole different kind of sense when you read so many of the other “what the heck?” parts of the Bible. 

        We don’t leave you with the non-answer answers.  We’ll actually go right into the hard stuff and really answer your questions!  There’s a saying we have around here: Questions are welcome, impossible questions preferred.  Of course we ask you to be respectful and ask question that are really questions, not just attacks disguised as questions, but if you want a real answer, we’ll give you a real answer.

Explain It All

Mystery of God?  Take it on Faith?  We really dislike those kind of answers.  Trinity?  Explained!  And you know what?  It takes just a little geometry and the average seven year old can understand it.  You gotta wonder why all of Christianity doesn’t explain it this way. 

        Jesus is both God and Man?  The geometry is even simpler. 

        We don’t leave you with the non-explanation explanations.  We’ll actually explain. 

Maybe It Doesn’t Mean What They Say

Something we do is dive in to hard places and take a look at things with fresh eyes.  Especially when things don’t make much sense!  They say God only approves of Divorce if there’s adultery… but what about abuse?  We looked into it.  We found a different answer than most of us were originally taught. 

        Sure, we respect the traditional view – they have a point (they really do!).  We were faithful to Scripture and found another answer – we just had to be willing to open our hearts and our minds and really dig into it.  Yeah, we get a lot of flak for this from traditionalists, but, hey, that’s the price you pay for looking for what else something may mean rather than just accepting what other people have already decided it means. 

        You want to know somewhere else we get in trouble?  We’re not so sure of the Hell deal either.  At least not the “hell” we keep hearing about where the best of the best who haven’t accepted Christ will burn for eternity right next to the likes of a Hitler.  We looked into that one, too.  A guy named Rob Bell came under fire for his views on it, and I guess if our pastor were better known, so would he.  But we think we can back it up just fine. 

God Trusting

We totally trust God in a completely different way than a lot of people are taught to trust God.  We follow something we call the Genesis 1:1 Principle.  That’s the part of the Bible where it says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” 

        Sure, maybe the system is breaking down a bit, but we think it still works pretty well.  Just take a look at physics.  Creation seems to be holding its own against entropy.  We think God built the system so we can win, and we trust that He knows what He’s doing.  The only problem is how often WE don’t know what WE are doing! 

        Find the rules, follow the rules, and we can do amazing things… like make jets fly, cell phones work, and beat all sorts of diseases!

Bible Believing

We have a few key beliefs here.  We expect everyone (even Atheists) will agree with this first one: The Bible is the Undisputed Primary Source Material for Christianity (Short Version: The Bible is the Christian Book). 

        From there, we go to this: The Bible is the Word of God; Our Interpretation of the Bible is NOT the Word of God (and that goes for ALL of us!).  We finish off with this: We Have a Point; You May Also Have a Point.  That last one lets us respect and listen to other points of view without having to argue every little thing. 

        Sure, someone else can have a point.  We go with our position for our reasons.  If someone has their own good reasons backed up with good points to have a different view, we can respect that.

Saved By Jesus

The dividing line between a Christian and a nonChristian is accepting Jesus Christ as Savior.  As far as we’re concerned, that is the ONLY dividing line.  If you’ve accepted Christ, you’re a Christian.  If you haven’t, you’re not. 

        That’s about it. 

        What about all the other stuff?  For us, that’s what we call Lordship Issues.  But we tend to think that God’s first move with most people is more likely to have to do with being more real about loving people.  That’s more what we expect to see. 

        We’re not going to burden you with a bunch of “thou shalt” and “thou shalt not” rules (well, maybe a few of them if you’re going to be in leadership), and, frankly, we think if you get that love thing settled, the rest will come together in time – and here’s an important thing for us all to get – your faith may look different than anyone else’s!  That’s okay.


Yeah, we’re a church.  We’re organized.  We are even incorporated as a not-for-profit religious corporation and we have our official 501(c)(3) status from the United States Government.  We are part of the Christian faith, which pretty much the whole world considers a religion.  So of course we think it’s about relationship, but we don’t go around saying we’re not a religion.  We are. 

One Last Thing About Grown Ups

Every once in a while you run into a church that doesn’t treat its adults like they’re grown ups.  One of the things that is refreshing to some and frustrating to others is our general view that you’re a grown up, you can make your own decision. 

        We’ll teach you about how things work, what things are, what we think ought to be done as a sort of “best practice” to achieve this goal or that, but you’re a grown up.  You get to make your own choice.  In fact, no one will do all of it.  At least not at first (expect maybe the pastor, and even then, only maybe).  On any given thing, you are perfectly free to say “I get why you think it’s a good idea, but I’ll pass.”  Grown ups get to make those kind of decisions.

        If you decide you want to get there because “there” seems like a good place to you, we expect it to take time.  Heck, a college degree or a black belt takes four years or more.  Shouldn’t spiritually upgrading your whole life be a bit of a process, too?

There’s More…

Naturally, this isn’t everything about us… but it’s a solid start introducing you to us.  If it sounds interesting, then maybe you’d like to pay us a visit.  Or contact us at Pastor@AgathosMinistries.org.  The pastor will get back to you!  (Usually in less than 24 hours… sometimes right away.)  See you on a soon Sunday!


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